Across e-Campus

The future digital heart of our alliance – connecting, enabling and sustaining, rooted in the open source community.


With the goal of seamless communication, collaboration and information dissemination, Across prioritises accessibility standards, open source principles and AI-driven knowledge management for our community.

For the public, eCampus will appear as a web interface providing all public information about Across, such as the vision and mission of Across, the participating universities and their activities, such as study programmes, research results, open data access, news, etc. For Across members, eCampus will also provide a protected area (login) where a dashboard offers central access to all tools developed for Across.

The services offered will range from tools such as administration, communication and documentation components to a Learning Management System, which primarily addresses the needs of learners, the University Business Gateway, which facilitates communication with partners from society, and the Across Research Information System, which, among other things, visualises the expertise of our scientific community. Our guiding principles in the design process are:

Open policy

  • Across adheres to principles of Open Science, Open Data, Open Access, Open Educational Resources, and Open Source.
  • The eCampus will prioritize open-source solutions and make newly developed tools available under open-source licenses. Established services such as ORCID and the Open Science Foundation will be integrated, and FAIR principles will guide data sharing and repository creation.


Deep integration of AI services

  • A knowledge graph, employing AI, will serve as the foundation for information within the eCampus, facilitating knowledge management and innovation capacity. This technology will be integrated across components, enhancing data accessibility and management.


Optimizing Translation for Across’s Multilingual Environment

  • Across’s multilingual environment necessitates a robust translation strategy to facilitate possible participation of all our members and communities.
  • Documents will be translated into all partner languages where feasible, with English serving as the common conversational languages and automated translation services, including open-source solutions will be utilized alongside commercial options.


The eCampus is still under construction, but we are working towards a future launch. You can already find an overview of our course offerings in our Across Course Catalogue.