Our Governance

Lean, sustainable, participatory and inclusive

The Across governance consists of three main bodies. The self-governing Across Task Teams take full responsibility for their goals and ensure that they are achieved.

The Executive Board, made up of Vice-Rectors from the partner institutions, provides support to the Task Teams as required and ensures that all Alliance activities are aligned with the overarching strategy of the home institution.

The Rectors’ Board plays a crucial role in promoting the activities of the Task Teams within the university and in fostering collaboration with strategic partners in cross-border regions.

The Across Office and Alliance Coordinator manage project operations.

The pictures illustrate the Across governance structure. At the centre of all activities are the 16 task teams. They are supported in strategic and institutional matters by the Rectors and the Executive Board, and in project management by the Across Office.

Our Work flow

The Alliance is organised into 16 self-governing Task Teams. These are designed to address issues that transcend regional boundaries. Each Task Team consists of two experts from each member university: one academic and one non-academic staff member, as well as two students and external stakeholders. Regular updates from the task teams will be posted on in News.

The work plan

Agile, evidence-based, participatory, indicator-driven

Our project work plan is strategically designed for long-term success and aims to establish a lean, robust and deeply integrated institutional cooperation within our Alliance.

Our activities are organized  in four interrelated areas:

  1. Alliance Governance, Management & Coordination
  2. Alliance Borderless Education
  3. Alliance Research & Innovation
  4. Alliance Borderless Impact & Dissemination


Our activities are jointly designed by the Task Teams to ensure feasibility, relevance and robust expert involvement from all partner institutions.

The figure visualises the structure of the Alliance´s work plan. 16 tasks are organised in the 4 work packages: 1. Alliances governance; management, and coordination; 2. Across Alliance borderless education; 3. Across Alliance borderless research and Innovation and 4. Across Alliance borderless impact and dissemination.