Across unites 10 European universities, 9 full partners from Banja Luka, Bialystok, Chemnitz, Craiova, Girona, Nova Gorica, Perpignan, Udine, and Ruse, plus our associated partner from Lviv. Our network comprises small to medium-sized universities located in medium-sized cities near borders, forming a strong foundation. However, the true strength of Across stems from the diverse expertise of its partners, spanning various disciplines and areas of specialization.


Our mission in higher education is to provide students with a truly European learning experience, addressing unique challenges in border regions through cross-border collaboration. We aim to cultivate lifelong learning environments that cater to diverse academic and professional needs, ensuring flexibility to accommodate individual life situations. Leveraging digital solutions, we break down geographical and linguistic barriers, enriching our university community with diversity.

ACROSS - Stronger together with cross-border education

The European Cross-Border University is based on the synergistic effect of the complementary strengths of its member universities paving the way for an ambitious joint mission at European scale, namely:

Unifying Efforts

Breaking down barriers – including political, educational, economic, cultural and language borders – is what we do to enable an unrestricted knowledge access, a free flow of people, a strong European identity and a green digital transition.

Future Leadership

We empower professionals to actively shape the economic, social and scientific development of cross-border regions. This empowerment is based on a comprehensive grasp of distinct traits, obstacles and potential these regions offer.

Sustainable Strategies

By engaging in Open Science on sustainable models, we aim to both acquire and share knowledge about viable strategies for facing and overcoming the obstacles people are confronted with in cross-border regions.

Cross-Border State of the Art

We aim at emerging as a benchmark for sharing knowledge and driving inventive growth in cross-border regions which will be achieved by seamlessly uniting higher education and research with cultural, social, and economic involvement.


We work
as a unit

We are an alliance of European universities. Building upon the combined strengths of our cross-border regions, we create an open-minded multicultural higher education area. Through this endeavour, we overcome borders on our path towards a truly European University. We will reach this goal by empowering people with different backgrounds to work together, united and depending on each one.

We are united
in diversity

We strongly believe in an educational future without borders. Through our actions we transform our cross-border regions not by equalizing differences but by becoming more diverse ourselves. This is why we created our alliance of universities. We draw our strength from a mutual understanding of our regional identities and its power to enable a multicultural, diverse, and respectful coexistence and cooperation.

We create

As cross-border experts, we are mastering challenges in our cross-border regions, enabling students to study not in our countries, but in Europe. We create common places of lifelong learning and regional engagement helping students to realize their full potential. We create unique studying experiences within finding tools and solutions to break down barriers.

Our Joint Governance Structure

The governance structure of our Alliance emphasises empowerment, transparency and purpose-driven initiatives, ensuring the active involvement of university students and staff. Task teams are central to project implementation within strategic guidelines, supported by digital tools for informed decision-making. Flexibility allows for adaptation to evolving needs, while inclusive decision-making mechanisms prioritise the voices of students and staff.

Our Alliance

Across – united in 10 universities and 10 countries

A single-story, old building with arcade corridors stands in the center. In the middle, there is a dark wooden entrance door with a dome roof above it. To the left of the entrance, there is a tower with a clock in a sun design. There are statues and a bell on the tower. In the foreground, there is a single ancient statue of a man.

University of Udine

A historic building with ancient columns is illuminated by the evening sun. The Bulgarian flag flies on the roof as well as above the main entrance. There are stairs and trees in front of the building.

University of Ruse

A three-story, historic building in yellow with sandy accents. In the center, there is a wooden entrance gate. Above it, there is a stone balcony with two flags. A stone crest is attached to the center of the house wall.

University of Nova Gorica

In the center is a round, bright building. The facade is covered with red stone and golden tiles. Accents are provided by the glass facade on the ground floor and on the top floor. People and a few seating areas are standing on the square in front of the entrance. On the left side, historical walls can be seen.

University of Perpignan Via Domitia

The picture shows a section of the University of Girona, a medieval ensemble of buildings with a green inner courtyard

University of Girona

A side view of a large, elongated building which houses the rectorate of the university. In front of the building is a park with a lawn, shrubs and large, old trees.

University of Banja Luka

This is a frontal view of the Böttcher building in the Chemnitz city center. Rows of windows extend over 4 floors of a historic beige facade. A small strip of green in front of the building houses a few green bushes and small trees. On the roof, there are lion statues in the center supporting the Saxony coat of arms.

Chemnitz University of Technology

The picture shows a modern building in a red brick style. The entrance stands out in blue contrast. In front of the building, there is a small square with paths and green areas. On the left, there is a big tree.

Bialystok University of Technology

The picture shows the main building of the Ivan Frank National University in Lviv. A historic building with a small park in front of it.

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Assoc. Partner)

The columns of a historic building rise above a sweeping staircase. The building is made of a white stone tone, with the three entrance doors and windows accented in red. Under a triangular roof, the word 'UNIVERSITATEA' is written in large letters.

University of Craiova