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05 June 2024

Join us for an engaging webinar exploring the concepts of Wildlife Parks and Tiny Forest, part of our ongoing series on Nature-Based Solutions and Traditional Knowledge.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding wildlife parks: Explore the importance and purpose of wildlife parks in conservation and biodiversity.
  • Introduction to Tiny, Pocket and Miyawaki Forests: Learn about innovative forest initiatives such as Tiny, Pocket and Miyawaki Forests and their role in urban landscapes.
  • Past examples: Discover historical examples that highlight the success and impact of wildlife parks and tiny forests.
  • Case studies from network cities: Hear about current initiatives and projects from Network Cities such as Nantes, Brussels and the Netherlands.

More Information and registration:

Dr. Marco Arci, University of Nova Gorica/Slovenia, will moderate the discussion and provide insights into the intersection of traditional knowledge and nature-based solutions. Secure your spot by registering here.

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