An Across delegation of six people standing in a row, smiling into the camera. The location is the city of Bialystok.
Across Staff

Across met at the 10th International Staff Week in Bialystok


15 May 2023

Across – Flexible and Individualized Mobility for Staff and Students

Topic of the week: Mobility opportunities for students, staff and researchers. The aim was to jointly discuss optimization proposals and find new ways to improve networking between educational institutions in border regions. During the Staff Week, participants had the opportunity to present their own projects as well as extensive discussions to develop connecting mobility opportunities and strategies. These valuable discussions helped to further develop existing programs and identify new initiatives to support student mobility.

The University in Bialystok proved to be an excellent host. It took the occasion to present their own internationalization projects and proudly presented insights into the regional culture and language. Further the cultural exchange was a great opportunity to understand and appreciate the diversity in the European educational landscape – a unique opportunity to get to know the Across partners in depth.

Across International Staff Weeks – A Unique Opportunity

At Across, we actively endorse International Staff Weeks as invaluable opportunities for our staff members to engage in international networking and learning. These events not only foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas but also strengthen the sense of camaraderie and collaboration that defines the Across community. By participating in International Staff Weeks, our staff members not only expand their professional networks but also deepen their understanding of global perspectives, contributing to the vibrant spirit of Across.

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