Shaping the Design of our eCampus: Student Workshop

More than 30 students participated in the Design Sprint for our eCampus Dashboard
June 2023

The students’ perspective has clearly enriched the current eCampus concept. Thanks to their constructive feedback and ideas for improvement, student needs can be addressed much more efficiently. (Dr. Benny Liebold, Across Alliance Coordinator)


Participation is one of our core principles. So we are delighted that more than 30 students from Chemnitz University of Technology took part in a design sprint to develop the dashboard for our upcoming eCampus.

About the Across eCampus

The eCampus project represents a pivotal step for the digital infrastructure of our Alliance. Designed to connect our 10 Across universities seamlessly, the eCampus will serve as a hub for management, teaching, learning, communication, and research activities. It will provide a public space for the dissemination of results and insights, fostering collaboration and innovation across our university community.

The design sprint: A process of co-creation

Led by computer scientist Prof. Martin Gaedke and media psychologist Dr. Daniel Pietschmann from Chemnitz University of Technology, the design sprint was an intensive two-day seminar on UX design. Students were tasked with developing a user-friendly, accessible UI prototype for the eCampus dashboard, reimagining its functionalities to better meet the needs of our diverse community.

After two days of extensive work the teams presented their ideas during a poster session to their peers and invited guest.

Empowering Students Voice

The workshop received enthusiastic feedback from both students and Across staff. Students had the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges and contribute directly to the design of the eCampus, gaining valuable experience in the process. Their insights will shape the development process in the months and years to come, ensuring that the eCampus meets the evolving needs of our university community.

Looking ahead

As we continue to refine and develop the eCampus platform, we will continue to invite input from all members of our university community through workshops and information sessions.