A group of people sitting in a circle in a large conference hall, listening to and looking at the speaker, the Rector of the University of Ruse.
Regional Engagement

Event Summary: Cross-Border Educational Conference in Ruse

Tackling Cross-Border Challenges – An Interdisciplinary and Transregional Approach
July 2023

Across aims to connect with different stakeholders to explore collaborative opportunities, share best practices, and contribute to the advancement of cross-border education and innovation in our regions

On June 29th, 2023, the University of Ruse in Bulgaria hosted a significant cross-border educational conference, aiming to foster collaboration and innovation in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border region. Organized by the University of Ruse, in partnership with the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the University of Craiova from Romania, the event attracted a diverse group of participants, including representatives from the Across community, national and local authorities, as well as members of the business and industry sectors.

The event kicked off with a welcoming dinner on June 28th, followed by a full-day program on June 29th at the Kaneff Centre, University of Ruse. The day began with an official opening ceremony, setting the stage for discussions on transnational and cross-border challenges in education, research, and innovation. Notable presentations included insights into the European university model, prospective links between universities and high schools in the cross-border region, and career prospects for youth in the area.

The program continued with a roundtable discussion on cross-border cooperation as a catalyst for regional ecosystem development. Speakers highlighted success stories, strategies for bilateral cooperation, and platforms facilitating cross-border collaboration. The day concluded with networking sessions and a dinner, providing ample opportunities for participants to connect and exchange ideas.

On June 30th, participants enjoyed a guided tour of Ruse and an Across session before departing. Important logistical information, including accommodation details and transportation arrangements, was provided to ensure a smooth experience for all attendees.

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