Policy Engagement

Across at Seminar of the European Committee of the Regions

Seminar on EU Policy and Industrial Transition fosters exchanges of experience between ECON members and local and regional representatives on how to tackle regional challenges of industrial transformation.
March 2024

The focus of Across is on strengthening cross-border regions in Europe and beyond. The meeting of like-minded, committed people from business, politics and society is necessary because we can only achieve this goal together. (Dr. Benny Liebold/Alliance Coordinator Across)

Tuesday, March 26 the Across Alliance presented itself in a meeting of the European Committee of the regions taking place in Chemnitz/Germany.

The Seminar on EU Policy and Industrial Transition in the Chemnitz/Zwickau Region commenced with a warm welcome from StM Thomas Schmidt, setting the stage for discussions on the intersection of EU policy and industrial transformation. Following this, ECON Chair Jaroslava Jermanov√° provided consecutive translation, ensuring all participants could engage effectively.

Mayor Ralph Burghart of Chemnitz then shared insights into the local perspective on industrial transition, emphasizing its importance for the region’s economic and social landscape.

Transitioning to the presentation segment, attendees were introduced to the City of Chemnitz and its ambitious Capital of Culture 2025 project, showcasing the city’s commitment to cultural enrichment and development.

The event further facilitated networking and knowledge exchange through information stands. Chemnitz University of Technology, Across and the MERGE Research Cluster demonstrated collaborative research initiatives, while the Simul+ Innovation Hub and European Digital Innovation Hub Saxony highlighted opportunities for digital innovation and entrepreneurship.