Across Summer School student in the always of the Chemnitz Museum

Across Summer Schools 2023 – A Review

Over 100 students and 30 lecturers from 10 Across countries participated in the third edition of the Across Seasonal Schools.
February 2024

International Summer Schools are very important to us. Every year, we support students and teachers to take advantage of this unique opportunity for shared learning and cultural exchange through this short and intensive exchange.

Over 100 enthusiastic young individuals representing nine European countries gathered in Chemnitz this year to partake in the Across Summer Schools, an initiative aimed at fostering international academic exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration. Thanks to generous support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 105 students from Across partner institutions, alongside 34 international speakers, embarked on a transformative journey of knowledge-sharing and networking.

Beyond the classroom lectures and group discussions, the Summer Schools offered a dynamic array of activities, including museum visits, city tours, and shared dinners, providing participants with invaluable opportunities to delve deeper into the region’s culture and forge lasting connections with fellow researchers. The collaborative spirit was palpable as representatives from diverse academic disciplines, spanning engineering, humanities, human sciences, and social sciences, converged to explore new perspectives and potential in research.

The success of the Summer Schools was not only evident in the rich academic exchange that took place but also in the bonds forged among participants and the impactful collaborations initiated. As one participant aptly remarked, ‘The Across Seasonal Schools have broadened my horizons and inspired me to pursue collaborative research initiatives across borders.

Looking ahead, we invite university students and staff alike to join us in future Summer Schools and experience firsthand the transformative power of international academic exchange. For more information or to get involved, please get in contact.