Five People are standing next to each other in front of an european flag. They are looking into to the camera with a smile. Left to right: Maximilan Eibl (Chemnitz/Germany), Desislava Atanasova (Ruse/Bulgaria), Commissioner Elisa Ferreira, Boštjan Golob (Nova Gorica/Slovenia), Joaquín Salvi Mas (Girona/Spain). The meeting purpose is to dis
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Empowering Cross-Border Education: Across Representatives Meet with Commissioner Elisa Ferreira

Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner meets Across to talk about the challenges of higher education in border regions.
February 2023

Strength in unity! European higher education institutions flourish together. Across encourages cross-border collaboration in education and training.

Empowering Cross-Border Education: Across Representatives Hold Dialogue with European Commissioner Elisa Ferreira

On February 6, 2023, representatives from Across engaged in a fruitful discussion with Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform, to address the unique challenges facing higher education in border regions. Recognizing the strength in unity, European higher education institutions are coming together to tackle these challenges head-on.

Collaborative Solutions for a Stronger Europe

Embarking on a shared journey with Commissioner Elisa Ferreira’s cabinet, our alliance is committed to championing the Commission’s objectives. With a keen focus on sustainable development, economic growth, and social cohesion, our alliance of university students and staff stands poised to make a meaningful impact. Through collaborative research, innovation, and educational initiatives, we aim to drive positive change across European borders

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